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Cleaning & disinfection:
This product is tending to touch human parts during general use which may cause unhealthy infection among people, so it is recommended to clean and disinfect the areas of the chair which may touch people easily.
Method of cleaning: choice quality and reliable detergent and dilute it with water by 1:300 to clean the chair, and then spray with hospital-grade 72% alcohol on it for disinfection, and maintain this product in good condition to make people feel cleaning and safe when using it.

Height of seat surface above ground:240~640 (mm)
Range of back rest angle:100 ~175 centigrade
Loading capacity:Compliant with YY/T0058 standard for dental patient (135kg)
Illumination:LED projection, AC-DC chargeable light illumination
Power Supply:110VAC~240VAC ,50Hz~60Hz
Capacity of battery:300mAh
Duration of service:18h(weak) or 9h(strong),reusable after charging
Power of LEDs:8W
Brightness of LEDs:10000mcd
Dimention:1010 x 550 x 255(mm)
Package:no bag

Packing List:
1X Back rest and components of chair frame
1X Leg cushion
1X Plugging wire for power
1X Lamp post
1X LED light
1X Apparatus plate and movable support for apparatus plate
1X Waste basin and basin support
1X Operation instruction
1X Quality certificate
1X Warranty card and quality response form

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