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A Journey That Begins With Inevitable Lust But May Lead To Eternal Love!

What could be the future of a reluctant human mate that was chosen by a savage alien warrior?

What would a human female expect from her fate when she finds herself stuck in a completely different planet only to be auctioned off as a sex slave?

What separates lust from love, especially when a planet has been ruled by barbaric traditions for centuries?

In a world where abducted human females are solely meant for pleasure and fun while barbaric traditions and shameless demands are challenged by none, Abbie knows that her new captor is stronger than her, but she isn’t going to go down without a fight.

But, the sexy warrior seems to have no problem with that!

Tough, huge, and handsome as hell, Gorren admires that the naïve human female still has some fight in her. And this only makes him wonder how this fight translates on the bed…

Sure, the sight of those delicious curves and the scent of her gorgeous body have set Gorren’s mating urges on fire…

But can the sexy, irresistibly hot yet ruthless warrior see beyond his lustful desires and give true love a chance?

Reader Note: This book contains mature themes and language. Only for adult eyes!

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