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Polycoton drap de sac de couchage rectangulaire pour le Camping et le Voyage de Alpidex

After a strength-sapping ascent one is usually happy to manage to grab a free space in the communal bunks in the mountain hut. Now you are queuing up at the only shower and meanwhile the water in the shower is pretty much as warm as if it came directly from the glacier. So you give yourself a lick and a promise.
Not only on that account it is recommendable to always take a liner with you. In many huts it is compulsory now. But not only for hygienic reasons a chalet liner makes absolutely sense. Increase the thermal output of your normal sleeping bag by up to several degrees (depending on the material of the liner) by using it as an inlay. Additionally, you save the inside of your sleeping bag and protect it from dirt. Especially down sleeping bags often do not excuse improper cleaning. The liner, however, is very convenient in cleaning and dries very quickly.

The sleeping bag is equipped with a zipper on the right and a pillow pocket. One half of the handy pack sack is made of mesh, so the liner can air after use and emit humidity.

Details of the Sleeping Bag Liner:

Polycotton combines the advantages of cotton (breathability) and polyester (low weight and quick dry)
Envelope shape
With zipper (on the right side)
Integrated pillow pocket
Can also be used as a light summer blanket or as a light summer sleeping bag
Mobile duvet cover for hikes and sleepovers
Easy to clean, dries quickly
Tiny packable
Only 286 gramme incl. pack sack
With handy transport bag

Technical Data:

Material: 80 % polyester, 20 % cotton
Size: 225 x 80 cm
Pack size approx.: 20 x 11 x 11 cm (uncompressed)
Colours: White Snow and Blue River
Maschine washable at: 60° C
Further cleaning and care tips: Do not tumble dry, do not bleach, do not iron
Cleaning with perchlorethylene

Weight: 286 g

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