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Johnson has a unique talent of giving us a fun sweet couple and giving them a crazy challenge~ Anima M. Giraldez
OMG... HOT, HOT, HOT!!!!~ Danielle M. Deaton
Don't miss the first book in the Stoking the Embers steamy spin-off series, Ashes. If you loved Beth and Gage in Stoking the Embers, see what happens next in Ashes.

Ashes - Book 1
Beth and Gage are perfect together... but want to be apart. Both of them strong-willed and in denial.
When her old demons appear at exactly the wrong time, he wants to help. She won’t let him. Is their new relationship doomed before it starts?
Ashes - Book 2
A day of fun turned into an evening of horror, and Beth and Gage find themselves in each other’s arms. Emotions run high. Libidos too. Way too high for this commitment phobic duo.
Feet planted firmly back in the friend zone, they go their separate ways, both determined to get the other out of their head.
But terror strikes again. A nightmare turned reality. And this time there’s no one there to help.
Ashes - Book 3
Haunted by her night at the club, Beth’s heart feels like ashes... like the smallest hint of wind would blow the fragile pieces away. But she must carry on, she won’t let any man make her feel like this. Besides, she has a job to do. And now, a mystery she knows she must solve.
This third installment in Leslie Johnson’s steamy suspense series turns up the heat and will leave you panting for more.
Ashes - Book 4
As Beth recovers from the shock of her life, Gage tries his best to help her heal. But there’s so much ... pain ... disillusion ... uncertainty.
So many secrets. So many people who aren’t who they appear to be.

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