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Welcome to Our Car Sun Shade & Ice Cover


➤1.3 Invisible Magnets

Q:Where are 3 magnets as the pictures show?

A:We have 3 invisible magnets design, you can not see it by eyes but you can feel it. If you put our car snow and ice cover beside the magnetic place, they can work well!

Note: Please check if your hook is made of steel!!! Our magnets are moderate, if too strong will scratch the car paint!!!

➤2.Outstanding Design Than Others'

Some guys choose the others' cover with four straps to hook it on wheels. But it is easy to steal!!! and the wipers are without protection in sun or heavy snow.

A.WE WE WE shut the 2 flaps in the door will ensure anti-theft.

B.WE WE WE protect windscreen wipers and blocking leaves.

➤3.No Use Of Cheap Thin Materials

We upgrade it and use 4 layers of PEVA aluminum foil (reflecting the sunlight) + Spunlaced cotton (isolate the heat from sun) + Black non-woven lining (protect your car windshield) + Composite cotton (effectively prevent high temperature into the car). Over 200% thicker than the other car windshield cover in the market.

➤4.Protect Your Car In Summer

Our smart windshield cover also offers 210T windshield protection for summer which has higher density, providing better protection against Sun, UV and Heat build-up. Reflective harmful rays of the sun, significantly decreasing the scorching greenhouse effect temperatures.

Customer Service: Our Car Sun Shade & Ice Cover is your best choice for all weather use. If you have problems with your car cover, please contact us immediately. We will send you a replacement or a refund.

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