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Dean Markley Blue Steel Strings

In the 90's we were amazed at Eddie Van Helen's technique of boiling his guitar strings before putting them on his guitar. Dean Markley on the other hand has gone the opposite direction. The Blue Steel strings are frozen with liquid nitrogen. This is so the molecules that make up your string tighten to reduce microscopic gaps in the steel. When you bring the string down to -320F the string looses transient frequencies that can affect their sound.

Blue Steels are made of 8 percent nickel plated steel wrap. The core of these strings is also very innovative since it is made of a tinned Mandolin wire. Try these uniquely built strings, made with out of the box thought for an out of the box musician like you.

Dean Markley Blue Steel Strings:
  • Cryogenic processing
  • 8 percent nickel plated
  • reduction of muddy lows and harsh highs
  • Made in the USA
  • Making Guitar Strings since 1972
  • View our full range of Dean Markley Strings or visit Dean Markley's Website for more details on their range of strings. 


2552   Light                              9/11/16/24/32/42
2554   Custom Light                  9/11/16/26/36/46
2556   Regular                          10/13/17/26/36/46
2558   Light Top Heavy Bottom   10/13/17/30/42/52
2562   Medium                          11/13/18/30/42/52 


Dean Markley Blue Steel Strings And Us...

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