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ETEPON wood carving knifes set are the excellent tool for whittling wood working, wood spoon, bowl, cup, Kuksa working, similar concave shapes and rounded edge with details to your wood carving project.

Professional Details
♥ The thin pointed of whittling knife is for delicate wood cutting or working in tight areas for details.
♥ The rounded part of the whittling knife's blade allows cutting in the hollow areas and can be used to make rolled, slicing cuts.
♥ Can be used on all types of woods.

Wood carving Knifes Set Specification
✔ Blade material: the best material for blade, hardened high carbon instrumental steel
✔ Handel material: Natural-oiled birch wood
✔ Hook knife blades internal Radius: 0.6 inch, total length 5.9 inch
✔ Whittling knife blades length: 2.3 inch, total length 6.1 inch
✔ For all types of woods
✔ Extra gift: a protective sleeve for blade(only for whittling knife)

Warm Tips
♥ The knifes for wood carving are very sharp, please be very careful.
♥ The hook knife is single side design for single handed use. You can perform push or pull cuts with one hand atop the blade for enhanced control. If you use your right hand, you can pull strokes, if you would use your left hand you can push to cut.
would like to use it with left hand, you would have to push to cut, which will be dangerous.
♥ Please use a carving hand glove when using this hook knife if possible.
♥ Make sure to use your wrist, not your elbow to control this whittling knife.

How to make a wood spoon
❶ Draw a shape of a spoon with a pencil on wood
❷ Roughing wood with a carving knife
❸ Working in details with a carving knife, the prototype of spoon is produced
❹ Grinding a spoon to make a complete and smooth

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