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Picnic Backpack Two Person Super Deluxe with Flask and Mugs in Midnight Blue

The highest specification backpack we offer including polycarbonate glasses, stainless steel cutlery and melamine plates. In addition this backpack includes stainless steel mugs and a 1ltr flask - the complete package for the perfect picnic.

Large fully insulated food compartment enabling food to be kept cool or hot for 5-7hours with i-cool technology.

Integral insulated bottle holders with easy access provide ample space for the drinks of your choice.

The Ultimate Picnic Backpack.


30cm x 18cm x 41cm

  • 2x Goblets
  • 2x Melamine Plates
  • 2x Spoon/Knife/Fork
  • 2x Napkins
  • 2x Stainless Mugs
  • 1x Stainless Flask
  • 1x Cutting Board
  • 1x Cutting Knife
  • 1x Salt Pepper Cruet
  • 1x Table Cloth
  • 1x Waiters Friend
  • 1x Tidy Up Bag
  • 1x Bottle Stopper

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