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The Grand Dame of them all Vintage Mimosa & Pomegranate make up case from the new Heathcote & Ivory accessories range. The new range created in a very vintage way; with an attention to detail, love for the eccentric and pleasure in craftsmanship. The supersized double sided wash bag that will pack up the entire beauty regime of every high maintenance girl. Designed with the charming Heathcote & Ivory vintage Mimosa & Pomegranate print which features the iconic cute Robin perched on a pretty pink Mimosa & Pomegranate. Practical and pretty oilcloth exterior is easy to wipe away any dirt and strong enough for a long lasting life. Inside the deluxe toiletry bag are two interior pockets with translucent PVC windows, perfect to find favourite make up in half the time. As an added bonus a circular mirror decorated with Heathcote & Ivory Vintage print has been for five star travelling.

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