Lock 'n' Lock
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Lock and Lock 7 piece nestable set contains 1 x 100ml 1 x 260ml 1 x 520ml 1 x 950ml 1 x 1.6ltr 1 x 2.5ltr 1 x 4ltr containers. Microwave and dishwasher safe. Nestable effect for easy storage - Russian doll effect. LOCK & LOCK containers are the ORIGINAL 4 locking hinge food storage containers, with a 100% air and liquid tight seal.Their patented lid hinges, featuring a unique blocking hole in the hinge, cannot be copied, although many look-alike competitors have tried to emulate them with similar looking designs, but with compromised inferior function.BREADTH OF THE RANGEThe current UK range is over 70 items, ensuring LOCK & LOCK continues to provide the largest choice of 100% air & liquid tight food storage containers available in the UK. The breadth of the range also makes the LOCK & LOCK choice the most collectable container range in the UK, with items to suit many different storage needs.

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