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There?s nothing worse than struggling to hold your device and work out at the same time! Whether you?re listening to some of your own inspiring tunes, or waiting for an important phone call, the Pro-Tec Athlete Armband ensures your device is close by but your hands are free! The Pro-Tec Athlete Armband is designed for the active iPod user. Simply slip your device into the custom molded case, strap to your upper arm and you?re good to go! Secure device protection from bumps and scratches with total exercising freedom!The soft velcro design features an adjustable strap, so it is perfect for slender limbs or the big guns. The adjustable strap allows for best fit on any arm. This ultra-comfortable armband provides full protection for your device while exercising or just on the go. Made with breathable and hand-washable fabric, these cases are easy to put on and remove, and flex with you as you move about your workout. The Athlete arm band also features glow in the dark strips to keep you safe in the dark as well as a handy cable pocket for convenient storage (perfect for cables, keys, or earphones). It gives you full-protection and easy navigation access to your device, while minimizing the bulk on your arm.

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